Monday, October 05, 2009


Your group has a mission.
The mission before you is to produce a short film. Your film can be anything appropriate to be shown in school.
Everyone in your group will receive the same final grade for this project. Teamwork is essential.
Your Short Film will be no longer than 90 seconds, and no shorter than 1 minute.
You're Short Film will have a soundtrack, either made by you, or be something from your iTunes collection (or mine). Make sure that your soundtrack is fitting of the moods you portray in your Short Film. You can have more than 1 song in your Short Film.
Your soundtrack must be NORMALIZED with the NAT SOUND in your Short Film.
Today you will begin Pre-Production on your Short Film. Brainstorm your idea in your designated group. Figure out which moods you'll use and start to plan a visual strategy to effectively tell your narrative. When I have checked off your Storyboard and approved your idea, your group can go out to shoot.
Your requirements for this assignment are as follows:
1. 1 minute - 90 seconds. No more. No less.
2. It must include an appropriate soundtrack.
3. There must be 2 insert shots.
4. You'll need great continuity from one shot to the next. NO JUMP CUTS!!!!!
5. Use proper framing composition and camera angles. (Think 'Rule of Thirds')
6. You must stick to your storyboard. Points will be deducted if your Short Film deviates from your final storyboard.
7. Teamwork will also be a big portion of your final grade.
8. You will turn in one Quicktime per group with normalized sound.

Your Final Project will be turned in by the end of class on Monday, October 12th.

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